What We Offer

At BillTech Automotive, you will always feel comfortable as our friendly, trained and experienced staff assist you with all your car needs.

Whether you need a pink slip while you wait, a car service or engine rebuild; at BillTech Automotive, we will ensure that you are offered with the best customer service and affordable prices.

Our motto is all about honesty as we “Service with a Difference”.
BillTech Automotive offers:

  • Four car hoists
  • An in ground two-wheel drive dyno
  • A pro hub dyno
  • A clean and spacious engine building room
  • All the latest mechanical tools and equipment
  • High ceilings accommodating sufficient area even for light trucks
  • We can accommodate up to 12 vehicles in the workshop at any one time, locked and stored safely overnight to provide you with that extra security and peace of mind.
  • Indoor waiting room (couches, TV, magazines)
  • Outdoor waiting area (picnic table and chairs)
  • Vending machine (hot & cold drinks + snacks)
  • Parking available
  • Free quotes